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Snorkel Experience

More than two thirds of our planet are covered by water. Imagine what you might see if you peeked below the blue surface - the  spectacular landscapes  and the diversity of species that are normally hidden from our view. To snorkel is also great for our mental and physical health - from increased happiness, to less stress and improved memory (more about that here). It's an all-round feel-good experience.


Snorkelling with Oceanológico means that you will be equipped with high-end gear for your snorkel adventure. We will provide you with an environmentally friendly neoprene suit, which will keep you pleasantly warm, freediving fins that give you added propelling power and, of course, an extra comfortable mask and snorkel. Additional gear for those, who'd like to try skin diving and dive down with a weight belt, is also available - along with our technical guidance. 

To snorkel in unfamiliar waters can be intimidating, so you will be pleased to know that your guide is a professional diver, who  will assess the conditions based on experience and knowledge. As a Marine Ecologist she will also introduce you to the ecology and marine life of our reefs and guide you to one of the islands most beautiful snorkelling spots.


Our aim is to create a meaningful ocean experience, that entails small groups and a personal and relaxed atmosphere.

As a little memento of your adventure, you will also receive a digital photograph of your snorkelling experience .


Snorkel Experience Details


09:30 on Saturdays


+/- 2.5 hours


We snorkel all around the island. The location depends on ocean conditions on that day. We can usually predict the best snorkelling spots a few days in advance.

What is included: 

Full gear rental (mask, snorkel, wetsuit, fins, weight belt)


Safety equipment

An introduction to snorkelling and skin diving

Information on the marine biology of La Palma

Continuous supervision by a PADI Professional

A digital photo of you snorkelling


45€ per person

For group bookings of 4 or more: 40€ p.p.

Underwater camera rental (GoPro Hero 8): 20€


We donate 2% of profits to  local reforestation

At least 2% of our profits go to the Canarian Fundacíon Foresta, who plant thousands of trees in order to restore our indigenous Canarian forests.

Wildlife & Landscapes

Wildlife & Landscapes

La Palma's underwater landscapes are shaped by their volcanic origin - from basalt formations that resemble artistic sculptures to arches which appear to be the entrance to another world. These distinctive features are inhabited by a great diversity of wildlife. Many species that are found here are unique to the Macaronesian archipelago. Others occur all over the North Atlantic and some are even typical tropical species. Rainbow coloured breams, rays whose fins span wider than our arms and cuttlefish that use iridescent patterns to camouflage themselves are just a few of many animals and plants that can be found here.

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