Happy Place - Spending Time in The Ocean Supports Mental Wellbeing

Most of us associate their "Happy Place" with a natural environment - a feeling of serenity that is intrinsically linked with mountains, meadows, forests, fields or the sea. The value of nature experiences is receiving more attention from the scientific community than ever as we are looking for ways to understand and battle the human mental health crisis.

Around 30% of the world's human population have suffered from mental illness at least once during their lifetime. There is growing empirical evidence showing that nature experiences have beneficial psychological and physiological impacts, such as happiness, positive social interactions, a sense of meaning and purpose in life, improved manageability of life tasks, less mental stress, improved memory and attention, impulse inhibition and increased imagination and creativity. But why does spending time in nature have such impactful and positive effects on us? There are currently three main theories that are attempting to answer this q