Our Shirts

We are proud of our beautiful logo and what it stands for - ocean exploration, connection and protection. But with such an ambitious motto comes a lot of responsibility, which we do not take lightly. Whilst it is impossible to have zero impact on the environment - both as a private individual as well as a business - we try to choose the materials we use and the values we promote with great care.

Fast fashion has become a much used term lately, thanks to movies such as "The True Cost" and movements like "Project 333". Much of the commercially available clothing is questionable in environmental, health and social terms. Hence we have decided to print our shirts with a very forward-thinking company. You can buy them directly from us or through our shop.


All our shirts are printed on organic cotton. Instead of chemical fertilizers, farmers use cow dung to increase productivity. Pesticides are replaced by insect traps and co planting. And since cotton naturally needs a lot of water to grow, the material for our shirts is grown in the North of India where plenty of rain water is available for farming all year round.


The cotton raw material is transported by camel or truck. The non-usable waste (the cotton seeds) are turned into organic cow feed and vegetable oil. And the farmers get a regionally controlled price for their cotton.

Another important point is the dyeing process - it is one of the environmentally most questionable parts of the production. In the case of our t-shirts 95% of the water used for dyeing is recovered, filtered through reverse osmosis and destilled. It is essentially clean enough to drink, but is instead re-used for the next batch. The left-over dye that has been separated from the water is used for road markings.

The spinning, dyeing, weaving, cutting and sewing of the fabric is all done in the same factory. It is a clean, light and modern factory, which has gone through a Social Accountability audit (SA8000). Two wind farms power the factory.

The shirts are then sent to the UK where they are printed with lower impact inks, in yet another alternative energy powered plant. They are then packed into recycled paper packaging (completely plastic free) - which is, much to our delight, ocean-themed and very beautiful!

The Circle

Finally, old and unwanted shirts can be sent back to the manufacturer for free, who will recycle the material and give you a voucher that you can use in our shop.

The entire supply chain is transparent - for us and for you. We are proud of our values and excited to have found a supplier that aligns with them.

Our shirts are available in a variety of colours and styles - and of course they are all made of organic cotton. Head to our shop to get one for yourself or as an ocean-inspired gift for someone special. We are happy to deliver worldwide.