Snorkelling La Palma Oceanologico

Marine Research, Education & Snorkel Experiences on La Palma

The underwater world surrounding La Palma is teeming with life - a great diversity of fish, invertebrates and plants inhabit spectacular landscapes that have been formed by volcanic eruptions over millions of years. The youngest of these formations have appeared around 60 years ago and have already been colonised by a multitude of species.

We are studying several aspects of this unique environment through scientific research with a focus on marine biodiversity, environmental pollution and the human-ocean relationship. More about our research here.


We also conduct guided snorkel experiences in small groups to some of La Palma's most spectacular underwater locations. Led by a Marine Ecologist and dive professional, our snorkelling excursions are a unique and personal experience. 

Snorkel experiences can be booked online or via email

Snorkelling La Palma Oceanologico
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Oceanológico is officially authorized to conduct snorkelling excursions under permit TA-5-0013944, issued by the Government of the Canary Islands.