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Oceanológico is officially authorized to conduct snorkelling excursions under permit TA-5-0013944, issued by the Government of the Canary Islands.


Snorkelling on La Palma

The underwater world surrounding the island of La Palma is teeming with life - fish in all colours of the rainbow inhabit the reefs along with many other curious creatures like rays, octopus and starfish. 

A snorkelling excursion is a great way to experience impressive lava formations below the surface and marvel at the unique marine environment of the Canarian archipelago.


Have you ever heard of rain-making algae? Or blue-blooded cephalopods? The ocean is full of fascinating stories. Join us on one of our trips to hear many more of them. 

We offer snorkelling excursions in small groups, guided by a dive professional & Marine Ecologist, who will guide you safely to some very special places around our island.

You can book your spot online or

get in touch with us via e-mail.